The Town & Country Village Learning Center is a community organization dedicated to our members. We provide computing facilities, a space for home-work and study, as well as varied activities ranging from cooking, to dance, to gardening. Recently we participated in the Neighborhood Networks Week 2009 Closing Event Web Cast, spotlighting our approach to university-community collaborations. Visit the webcast here

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Recently we have partnered with the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition (LCHC), a UC San Diego organization. Together we aim to build a rich learning, play, and creative environment with the following goals:
  • Community participation in, and growth through, computer and real-world activities that bring together digital media editing, computer programming, play, dance, and anything else that is of interest in the community.
  • A healthy and long-term relationship with San Diego area institutes of higher learning. LCHC is hopefully only the beginning. We believe that a marriage of interests that links our community and outreach programs at these institutions is vital for all parties involved. On the one hand, we get much appreciated social/learning interaction and technological expertise, while on the other hand, these institutions get to experience and benefit from a real-world environment wherein to refine and develop enriching "techno-social spaces".
  • Interaction between community members and UCSD students and faculty. This pairing is fertile ground for both sides to positively influence the other while engaged in joint creative activities.
  • A stable and maintainable digital infrastructure that not only addresses the low-level technical needs at the Learning Center, but also seeks to build digital software that supports our combined "real-world and digital" activities.